Thursday, December 21, 2006

A couple of useful sites and things to try

I've spent a little bit of time looking around for some solutions to my complaints about Mac OS X, and, as usual, Google helped me find a variety of useful reading which I'll now help Google find better by adding some extra in-links:

  • X Vs. XP compares OS X to Windows XP in a reasonably unbiased and undoubtedly thorough way. There are lots of useful tidbits here if you read carefully, though I wouldn't read too much into any final conclusions.
  • CodeTek's VirtualDesktop Pro looks like it may be an interesting and helpful way to improve the usability of the OS X desktop. I've not tried it yet, so definitely don't consider this a strong endorsement.
  • MacWorld is a good online resource; it's MondoMouse article was my greatest hope of being able to resize a window by its other corners (i.e., without having to use the bottom-right corner). Unfortunately, that dream didn't play out the way I'd hoped -- MondoMouse still only resizes that corner, but simply enables you to do the resizing without aiming for that corner so precisely.
  • Google's Mac Software page is a good list of the software we make available for the Mac. Be sure to notice the Custom Search Engine box at the top of the page that does a search over only Mac-related sites. And yes, I too look forward to more of Google's great client-side software being available for OS X.
  • An imagination-inspiring article on booting an Intel-based Mac into Ubuntu Linux using an iPod. Cool!
  • And, of course, there's Parallels (or BootCamp) in case I can't get over my Mac Annoyances and decide to run Ubuntu or even Vista :-)
I've definitely felt the smaller market share impacting the availability of workarounds for obvious problems. With respect to Windows, almost anytime I have the thought "somehow has to have fixed this," I can find some creative solutions. Even with Linux, I have a similar experience (perhaps because of the greater capabilities and curiousities of the hacker community around GNU/Linux). With Mac OS X, I seem to less often be satisfied with what I can find out there.

Maybe if more Mac wizards wrote blogs.... :-)

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