Monday, December 16, 2013

The next chapter: Prepared Mind Innovations

A little over two months ago, in early October, I finished my last day working at Facebook. Although that last Friday working lasted less than 10 hours, it had been almost a year in planning to ensure a smooth transition for the teams I worked with, and I'm grateful to the new leaders who didn't miss a beat as we shifted responsibilities around.  I wanted to stop working full time in part to be really involved as we design and build a new house, but I can't stop working altogether. At Facebook, we have posters in every building asking (among other things):

"What would you do if you weren't afraid?"

Prepared Mind Innovations is my answer to that: an advisory and innovation company for me to share experience, empathy, wisdom, and technical chops from my over 25 years of professional experience. I'm happy to report that I'm working with some great companies already (see the Prepared Mind Innovations page for details).

Also note that, separate from my company, as an individual, I'm doing a good bit more angel investing. I've done over ten investments now, and am still adding to that set of exciting startups.  I'm looking for missions that will have a positive impact on the world, not just make a buck. (But I do believe that it's helpful to make a buck to fund a mission on the world, so I care about that, too!)

Happy holidays!